Elegant is an independent record label dedicated to empowering electronic dance music artists.

We champion emerging EDM artists without compromise, releasing quality music with integrity. Our business philosophy is founded on fair artist ownership and creative control.

Organic Promotion & Viral Exposure

Get your music heard by a dedicated audience.

Join our vibrant community on social media where fans and artists come together.

35,000,000+ Views

Over 35 Million TikTok Views

400,000+ Followers

400K TikTok Followers

12,000+ Subscribers

12,000 YouTube Subcribers

1,000,000+ Views

Over 1 Million YouTube Views

What We Offer Artists

  • Viral Promotion: Get your music heard.
  • Marketing: Innovative music marketing tools.
  • Creative Freedom: Our team of A&Rs are here to help, but only if you’d like. It’s your art, not ours.
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“Elegant is dedicated to improving how the electronic dance music community finds and enjoys music. Our passion for music and organic marketing provide mutually beneficial deals for emerging artists.”


Team Elegant

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